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IMIxItUp released for the Iphone - help us create an Interactive Music Label!

31/08 Deepest Dorset,UK

Lunamutt and the Digital Funfair have released IMixitup a music mixing toy for the iphone (available from the app store now). The app is based on the Beat Jigsaw, a semi-automatic djing table which has been turning festival goers into superstar dj's in UK and Europe for quite some time.

We'd love to see IMixItUp become a platform to release other people's music - to become an interactive record label and that is where you come in.

We're putting a call out to artists, producers, musicians to send us loops which can be used with our App, like an interactive single.

Releasing your music through IMixItUp could be a way of generating income, a bit of fun, a marketing device or a way of kickstarting the interactive music revolution! To be honest we don't really know yet.

Here's the deal - your music, your artwork (if you want), our app. You choose the price, how many tracks you want etc.
We split any proceeds down the middle. We'll publicize it on our website and put it in the store but you'll probably want to send it out to your mailing
lists as well. The first release is the Beat Jigsaw EP, 3 tracks made by me, with a few Creative Commons, samples.

You can play the demo at, although the iphone version is way better! 
Of course we realize that most of you will have seen similar things before but please remember, the app is not aimed at the music producer or the dj familiar with music creation software - it is for the hundreds of people who have said "I want one of those in my bedroom"  when seeing the Beat Jigsaw at a festival and the thousands more like them who haven't seen it yet. Its for wannabe dj's , music lovers and anyone who can still remember how to Play!

If you are interested, we need 16 loops that all fit together (to a certain degree anyway). We've separated it into 4 drum loops. 4 bass etc but
obviously anything that works would be fine. Generally loops with silence in don't work very well as it confuses people when they trigger a loop and
nothing happens. But again finally it's up to you.

Anything submitted must be free from any copyright restrictions.By sending us your loops, you retain all ownership, rights etc and do not grant us a licence to use them in the app unless and until a formal agreement is made. 

To send us loops or ask us anything at all please use the email music at imixitup dot org or the contact form on the website

We've just released the first version of IMixItUp but we've got loads of features and ideas to follow in the next few months. We intend to release
versions for other platforms as well, notably Android, and break out of the walled garden into the wider world. 

Just got the message that the app had been accepted by Apple.

IMixItUp is now available in the App Store for the initial price of £1.79

Available at App Store